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 Over 35 Years' Experience

Family Owned & Run 

5 years of continuous investment

We Love Laundry

At Sunrise Laundry Services we are passionate about laundry and are determined to provide our customers with a service that they will value and want to use over and over again.

As a family business we believe that our customers are looking for dependability and consistency delivered with a no- nonsense yet passionate and determined approach.  


Being an independent business, we strive to be easy to work with and believe that we can be more agile than a larger national company and so are able to offer a flexible and tailor-made service built around our customers.


We have efficient channels of communication and instant decision making capabilities which enable us to provide you with a better customer experience

Our Passion

As a small company we are able to keep our prices competitive.

In addition, we complete all of our processing in-house, avoiding outsourcing costs and this ensures reliability and a well-managed service.

We have access to the same supplier networks and pricing structures as the larger national companies and have chosen to partner with some of the UK's leading laundry experts. 

Our Suppliers

Humble Beginnings

The Start Of Our Journey

After 30 years working for a large international laundry provider, the opportunity presented itself for us to set up our own commercial laundry business and fulfil a dream.

This dream involved working in an industry that we felt passionate about and gave us the ability to cater for the small and medium sized businesses with their individual and unique requirements that the large laundry providers often could not cater for due to the scale of their operations.

And in the summer of 2018,
Sunrise Laundry Services was born in a small unit in Stockport before relocating to Crewe to be closer to our families and for them to devote themselves to the family business.

5 Years Of Investment

Our Investment

Moving our location to Crewe in August 2018 motivated us to make strategic investments aimed at increasing capacity, improving quality and making us more resilient.  We have continued this investment to this day.

This means that our capacity has increased from 80kgs of washing capability per hour in 2018 to in excess of of
500kgs per hour today.

Likewise our ironing and finishing capacity has increased from 100 items to over
600 items per hour.

Our investment in equipment, detergents and processes has resulted in a linen 
reject rate of less than 0.05%. 
The  industry average is a wasteful and inconvenient 12% to 15% of laundry being rejected! 

By boasting such a minimal rejection rate we can be confident that not only are our customers having a more
user friendly experience, we are also being less wasteful and helping to reduce our impact on the enviroment.

 In Modern Machinery

Our continual investment in modern equipment and processes has not only ensured that we achieve maximum cleaning performance, it has also increased our efficiency and is kinder to both the fabrics and the environment

Our Eco

Packaging Preferred

We use fabric hampers where possible and where plastic is unavoidable we are transitioning to biodegradable plastic which should be completed by December 2024

Eco-friendly Wet Cleaning

Our GreenClean Wet Cleaning system is an eco-friendly alternative to dry cleaning

Sunrise Laundry Services Our Story So Far

Our Story So Far.......

August 2018 - Moved out of our Stockport premises into Unit 2 in Crewe
February 2019 - Awarded contract for a 50 room hotel - our largest at the time
April 2019 - Investment in additional washing and ironing facilities
October 2019 - Increased our transport fleet by 50%
December 2019 - Sales Milestone: We had grown 300% in 18 months!
March 2020 - Covid pandemic struck yet we continued to provide an essential service throughout
August 2020 - Acquired sister company IMA Trading to compliment our hospitality service
January 2021 -  Continued to provide a valuable service through Covid pandemic
July 2021 - Increased production to 24 hours per day in order to cope with post-lockdown demand
August 2021 - Added additional van to our transport fleet
October 2021 - Increased washing capacity by 100% to accommodate continued growth
November 2021 - Largest investment so far: installation of new ironer line inc. folder & stacker
January 2022 - Doubled our operating space and opened additional unit
February 2022 -  Installed new state of the art chemical dosing equipment, improving wash quality and reducing waste and energy consumption
March 2022 - Another van added to our transport fleet
October 2022 - Opened 3rd unit fully equipped with duplicate laundry and ironing facilities
March 2023 - Increased our transport fleet by another van
May 2023 - Installed our first automated towel folding system 
December 2023 - Increased our transport fleet yet again and installed all vehicles with trackers 
and cameras
January 2024Installed innovative Wet Cleaning system GreenClean to laun
der as an eco-friendly alternative to conventional dry cleaning


What's Next? 

Spring / Summer 2024 -  Upgrade of existing ironer lines to industrial chest ironers.  This will further enhance:

Sunrise Laundry Services What's Next

Improving Quality

Improving Capacity

Reinforcing Resiliance

Why Choose Us?

 35 Years' Experience
Family Owned & Run
Flexible Tailored Service
Dedicated Customer Linen
In-House Processing
< 0.05%
Minimal Reject Rate
Effective Communication
24/7 Emergency Support
Continual Investment
Tracked Collection/Delivery
Specialist Supplier Network
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