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Hotel Grade Bedding

Range Of

Table Linen &
Kitchen Linen

GreenClean Wet
Cleaning & Shirts

The Importance Of Linen

Here at Sunrise Laundry Services we understand that whether you have simple serviced accommodation, a luxury boutique hotel or a cluster of charming log cabins deep in the woods, linen plays a major part towards the overall customer experience you are striving to create. 

Cleanliness, presentation and quality all help to ensure your guests have a comfortable and relaxing stay.

We can take care of everything from your bedding and towelling through to restaurant linen, kitchen linen and floor mats.  This keeps things simple so you can concentrate on running your business. 


We can also offer a reliable wet cleaning service for dry cleanable items.  Our GreenClean service is an eco-friendly alternative to conventional dry cleaning and is suitable for your staff uniforms and can be extended to your guests as an express service is available.  We also offer a simple shirt service too.

Hotel Linen

Bedding & Towelling

We provide bedding & towelling including:

  • Duvets

  • Sheets

  • Pillowcases

  • Towels

  • Robes

  • Bath Mats

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Restaurant Linen

Restaurant Linen

We supply restaurant linen including:

  • Tablecloths (round, square, rectangular)

  • Tablecloths (many sizes & 25 colours)

  • Napkins

  • Table Runners

  • Chair Covers & Sashes

  • Chefswear & Kitchen Linen

  • Floor Mats

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Wet Cleaning
GreenClean Wet Cleaning

Wet Cleaning

We supply a wet cleaning service for your dry cleaning requirements including:

  • Suits

  • Jackets

  • Dresses

  • Trousers

  • Simple Shirt Service

  • Express Option Available

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We Supply

Small to Medium Hotels
Boutique Hotels & B&Bs
Serviced Accommodation
Lodges & Holiday Parks
Holiday Lets
& Air B&B
Bedding & Towelling

Hotel Grade Linen

Bedding & Towelling

Choose from our wonderful range of hotel grade linens where you will find something no matter what your requirement.  With access to the country's leading textile suppliers, we are sure we will have something that suits you and your budget. Its imperative that all of our linen is aesthetically pleasing, has a luxurious feel and is able to withstand rigorous laundry processes whilst it remains flawless. Rest assured that your customers will be delighted with the quality of the linen and so will you.

Our main linen supplier is the UK's leading manufacturer of British made linen, towels, bedding and pillows for the hospitality industry. They have been supplying a wide range of linens for over 140 years from hotels to guest houses, holiday lets to student accommodation, chalets to cruise ships, restaurants, spas, palaces, private jets and super yachts, and everything in between.

Our most popular bed linen is the Prima range which is available in plain weave or satin stripe and these are complimented by towelling from the Chelsea range and Maddison range.  Our customers love the look and feel of these whilst they are competitively priced.  The quality ensures that they are hardy and last well.

Restaurant Linen

Create An Impression


Napkins &

Chair Covers
& Sashes

Chefswear & 
Kitchen Linen

If your accomodation has a restaurant and bar we understand the importance of cleanliness and hygiene.  We also understand that your linen and staff uniforms help to create the right first impression.

At Sunrise Laundry Services, we have selected a range of products which allow us to offer you a comprehensive service which includes table linen and staff uniforms as well as chef’s uniforms, kitchen linen and floor mats.

Please click below to see more information on our table linen range and where you can find out further information on your linen options.

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Linen For Restaurants & Bars

Wet Cleaning

Your Dry Cleaning Requirements

Greenclean background_edited.jpg
GreenCleanWet Cleaning

Our Wet Cleaning Process

We can also offer a reliable wet cleaning service for dry cleanable items. 

Our GreenClean wet cleaning system is an expert eco-friendly non-toxic alternative to conventional dry cleaning and uses natures best cleaning agent - water - to help achieve a superior and fresher clean.

Specialised technology is used to control water levels, agitation and temperature of dry cleanable items without shrinking or damaging the fabric.

We can wet clean
96% of all dry cleanable items such as suits, shirts, jackets, coats and items made from delicate fabrics such as silk, cashmere and wool.

This process is suitable for your staff uniforms and can be extended to your guests as an express service is available. 

We also offer a
simple shirt service too.

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Your Own Linen

Launder Only

If your already own your own products or prefer to source your own, we can provide you with a contract cleaning service supported by scheduled deliveries and collections.

Our laundry processes are designed to protect the integrity of the fabric and our default individual batch processing method is perfectly compliant with the requirements of customers who own their own linen as each of our customers naturally receive their own laundry back each time.

Click below to find out more about our individual customer batch processing technique.

Our Batch Processing Guide
Batch Processing
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