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Safety Wear
& Mats

Engineering &

Catering & 

Hospitality &

Workwear Garments

Our general workwear garment range covers everything from Butchers, Bakers and yes, Candlestick Makers. In fact, for anybody working in manufacturing, light-industrial, catering or retail environments, we are bound to have something for you.

We will use samples and brochures to take you through the vast array of choices available and then, once you have chosen your colour, fabric and garment type, we will arrange to measure each of your team members to ensure that when we deliver your new items, they are comfortable and ready to wear.

Depending on your industry and the type of use the garment will be exposed to, we offer rental periods from between 1 and 4 years in order to help spread the cost and keep prices low.

Your Own Linen 

We also offer the option of contract cleaning your own linen


Safety Wear & Locker Service

We also offer an extensive range of safety wear.  We have partnered with some of the UK's leading safety wear providers to ensure we have access to the latest fabrics, garment designs and relevant legislation to enable us to provide guidance to you on the best ways to keep your team safe and protected. If required, we can carry out site visits and discuss your work place conditions to help us arrive at the best and most appropriate solution for you.

As well as offering the highest standard in safety and protection, including multi-protective options, we also make sure that the specialist fabrics are processed in the most appropriate way, to preserve the life and quality of the garments and ensure the special properties such as flame-retardancy or light-reflectivity  do not get diminished due to incorrect processing.

As with our normal workwear service, we will measure all of your team members to ensure garments fit comfortably and are ready to start working for you as soon as they are delivered.

We also offer a locker service to ensure your staff always have the uniform they need, while reducing garment misplacement and eliminating the need for staffed cloakrooms.

Certified Safety Clothing

Our Workwear & Safety Wear Service Includes

Vast Selection For All Professions
Varying Levels
Of Safety Protection
Fully Compliant
With Safety
Specialised Processing To
Protect Garment
On Site Support Including Survey & Measuring
Flexible Contracts 
To Suit Your Requirements & Budget

Barrier Mat

When it comes to your customers, first impressions mean everything.  To ensure that you present the best image possible for your company, we offer a mat laying and launder service.

As well as creating the right image, barrier mats also trap mud and dirt and so ensure that your premises remains clean and hygienic at all times.


As well as picking up the dirt, barrier mats will also provide grip for your staff and customers, particularly on wet weather days and thereby providing an extra element of safety within your business.

Available in a variety of sizes, colours and textures to suit your unique requirements.

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