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Wet Cleaning &
Shirt Service

For Your Corporate Wear, Formal Wear & Dry Cleaning Requirements



Wet Cleaning of Dry Cleanable Items

We can supply many sectors of industry with our basic shirt service or a wet clean service for their dry cleaning requirements. 


This includes but is not limited to:   bars and restaurants, hotels, clothing and formal hire shops, offices and showrooms.

Who We Supply

Bars & Restaurants
Clothing / Formal Hire Shops
Shirt Service

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Shirt Service
Wet Cleaning
Wet Cleaning 
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Wet Cleaning
Shirt Service

Fresh & Crisp Finish

Shirt Service

Our basic shirt service is for the processing of machine washable shirts and excludes those made of delicate fabrics such as silk which would require our GreenClean wet cleaning service.

We can collect and deliver your professionally laundered shirts; with bulk discounts available.

Wash & Dry
Prep For Dispatch
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Wet Cleaning
GreenCleanWet Cleaning

Safely Cleans 96% of items labelled 'Dry Clean Only'

Uses Water For a Superior Fresh Clean

Gentle, Non-Toxic
& Eco-Friendly

Eco Friendly Alternative 
To Traditional Dry Cleaning

Our GreenClean wet cleaning service is an eco-friendly alternative to conventional dry cleaning and instead uses natures best cleaning agent - water - together with specialist non-toxic bio-degradable detergents to ensure a thorough and fresh clean whilst being gentle on the garment and preserving the fabric of the item.  

Wet cleaning produces no hazardous waste or toxic emissions.  It uses less water than conventional washing and as well as using less energy, the energy we do use is only recycled energy.

Using Water -
Natures Best Cleaning Agent

Is The New Dry!

We can safely clean 96% of all garments labelled 'Dry Clean Only' by partnering with Electrolux who provide the class leading wet cleaning system - Lagoon® . 


This advanced care technology intelligently assesses the unique requirements of each individual wash cycle to deliver the optimum dosage of water, a specific blend of specialist eco-friendly compounds, ambient water temperatures, all accompanied by gentle yet efficient dedicated mechanical agitation


This ensures the fabric is not only expertly cleaned, by protecting the fibres it ensures the shape and size of the item is preserved and extends its useful life.

Class Leading Technology

Safe For 96% Of Dry Cleanable Items

The Benefits Of Wet Cleaning

Wet Cleaning

Safe For Delicate Fabrics And Sensitive Skin


​Our GreenClean process uses the class leading wet cleaning system - Lagoon® . 

This advanced care wet cleaning system is the only solution of its kind that’s Woolmark and Hohenstein-approved, meaning the wool programs within the GreenClean system have been officially approved for cleaning wool marked as dry-clean only and tests have proved that the system is at least as effective as conventional dry cleaning in terms of dimensional change, colour loss and textile wear.  All whilst being kinder to the environment.

No Hazardous Waste Or Harmful Emissions

​The GreenClean system uses water instead of toxic chemicals and is therefore safer for the environment.


By being gentler on fabrics it extends the garment's useful life therefore reducing waste.

The system uses less water than conventional washing.


We have also partnered with the Green Energy Advice Bureau who ensure all our energy is sourced from suppliers who are generating renewable energy.


They also assist by advising us on projects aimed at reducing our energy and water consumption in order to reduce our impact upon the environment.

We Only Use Recycled Energy


Trade Accounts

Our trade accounts entitle customers to key features including:

  • Free collection and delivery service

  • Preferrential pricing

  • Exclusive promotions

  • Monthly billing

  • Hassle free service

  • Reusable storage carriers

Free Collection
& Delivery
Discounted Rates
Credit Terms
Reusable Carriers

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