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Processing By
Customer Batch

Individual Batch Processing

Unlike many of the larger laundries, when your new linen is purchased, processed and allocated to you, it remains allocated to you for the duration of the agreement.

We do not mix this with other customers laundry so you can rest assured you will receive the
same linen back each time and wont be left with odd designs that don't match your chosen laundry range .  

We are able to do this by processing each customer by batch.  Each customers linen is
clearly labelled and kept separate at each stage in the process. 

This is easy for us as we do not produce on a mass scale and have many washing machines of differing
sizes and capabilities and so there is always a machine to handle any size customer load, large or small. 

Once processed, each batch is identified by a unique customer label which remains with that batch as it proceeds through the laundry cycle.  

Processing By Customer Batch


Laundry Collection

Your items are collected as agreed.  The driver ensures all bags of linen are labelled with the customer name to ensure they are kept together at the laundry.


Laundry Received

The driver and laundry staff ensure each customer batch is stored together in a roll cage/s and clearly marked with customer name.


Waiting In Line

The batch is retained in a queuing system until such time that it is due to be processed.  This is unless the batch is being emergency fast tracked.



Each laundry bag within the batch is emptied into a different sorting bin depending on type of fabric, level of soiling, whites or colours etc



Each sorting bin is loaded into the correct sized washing machine and the most relevant program is selected.  Customer name is allocated to each machine.



Each wash load is then labelled by customer name and conditioned if necessary before being ironed and folded.  Staff are well trained to spot and remove any rejects.


Packing & Dispatch

Item piles are inspected, counted and placed in hampers labelled with customer name.  The completed delivery note is popped into last hamper with copy going to the office for invoicing.


Laundry Delivery

The laundry hampers are stored in a roll cage/s by labelled customer batch and in dispatch area before driver counts and loads on to van. Driver checks this quantity at delivery location. 

We are proud that our linen reject rate is less than 0.05% - the industry average is 12-15%!
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