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Love Your Laundry

Protecting Your Linen

Taking Good Care Of Your Linen

Linen is a very expensive component of the service and arguably the most important.  Not only does it have a functional purpose,  it also directly impacts on the customer experience.

When the linen is at the laundry for processing, we must take all steps possible to handle it correctly and process it with the care and attention it deserves so it returns to you looking its best. 

Likewise at the customer end, it is critical that you take all necessary steps to retain it's
appearance and extend its useful life.

Linen Care Guide


Keep Off
The Floor

Keep used laundry off the floor away from dirt, floor marks, damp and any creatures who may fancy a nibble or a bed for the night. 

Never place bags directly on the floor outside even briefly and particularly clean bags of linen as any damp will quickly absorb into the fabric of the bag and penetrate into the fabric of the linen it's trying to protect.


Bag Up
- No Loose Linen

Please ensure all linen is bagged up and not left loose. 

The linen needs to be protected from footmarks, floor dirt and other staining  and our driver does not have sufficient time allocated at each customer stop to do this on your behalf impacting on the remainder of the customer delivery schedule.


Avoid Damp

If linen gets damp and is not returned for processing immediately, this will promote bacteria and mold/ mildew.  Again this is extrememly difficult to remove and poses a health risk. Please ensure linen is not kept in damp areas and if linen does get damp (such as towels), ensure it is returned for processing asap in a fabric laundry bag as opposed to plastic . 


No Cleaning
Floors With Linen 

Do not use the linen to clean or wipe floors.

This applies to all linen we supply including kitchen cloths and towels. 

The linen is not designed to be treated in this way and the fibres will never be restored and the marks never fully removed.


Use Our Cloth

Refrain from using plastic bin bags to contain used laundry and only use as a last resort if the alternative is leaving the laundry loose.  Plastic prevents the used linen from being able to breathe and promotes bacteria and mold/mildew. Our drivers always carry spare bags and you can always ask for extra at any time to ensure you have enough in reserve.


Carry Bags
-Never Drag

Laundry Bags - clean or dirty - should only ever be carried or placed on a truck.

NEVER drag the laundry bags on any kind of surface including carpet. 
The bags will quickly become threadbare,  and damage the linen within.  They will also absorb floor residues which are impossible to remove from linen.


Shake Off Linen Debris

It is imperitive that the linen is shaken off before being returned to us and all food, cutlery, plastic, confetti, pens, paper napkins and tissue paper is removed. 

These foreign objects can jeopardise both our machinery and our processes and will contaminate the sorting area potentially affecting the other customer laundry.



If any items are contaminated with blood, urine, or any other bodily fluids, these need to be handled separately at the laundry to avoid cross contamination.  Please place separately in water soluble bags with a note to advise.  We can issue you will these - please let us know.  If you do not have any to hand please keep separate and label the contamination clearly before returning to the laundry asap. 

We thank you for your assistance in helping us to keep your linen looking and feeling its best!
Sunrise Laundry Services
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