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How Much Bed Linen?


Any hotelier, property landlord, or business owner venturing into the accommodation market will very quickly have to answer the question - how much linen will I need?

Whether you decide to buy your own or hire it, there is a cost associated with getting this decision wrong. Order too much and you have tied up cash sitting on the shelf and order too little and you may have to off-hire rooms or pay for extra deliveries.

The calculation is actually quite simple apart from one aspect of the equation - how busy will I be? This is often referred to as 'room change-overs'.

Some businesses measure occupancy levels but this can be misleading..............

Take a hotel with one king-sized bed which is rented for the whole week by the same client. This will give you 100% occupancy.

In this example, you will use 1 sheet, 1 Duvet Cover, and 4 pillowcases.

Alternatively, the same hotel may rent the same room out to 7 different people all staying just 1 night - Occupancy is also 100% but in this example, you have used 7 times as much linen.

The calculation to determine how many sheets and duvet covers you will need is as follows:

  1. How many king-sized beds have I got?

  2. How many deliveries will I get / need per week?

  3. How many room change-overs am I expecting / or will allow per week?

A starting point is to order a set of 3 for each bed, then add 2 sets on for each anticipated change-over.

Based on this example and assuming the room/bed in question were to have 3 changeovers per week, the amount of linen required is:

  • 9 Sheets & Duvet Covers

  • 36 Pillowcases

If you were able to agree on an extra delivery with your supplier then potentially you would manage with 6 Sheets and DCs plus 24 pillowcases.

This is arrived at by dividing the total (9) by 2 (deliveries) adding 1 and rounding up. This ensures that the linen in circulation isn't being overwashed which causes it to age prematurely and also prevents the possibility of housekeepers and cleaners waiting around for a delivery of clean linen before they can make up the room.

As you can see it's not a scientific calculation and as such there is room for error. There can also be other factors to consider such as limited storage space, and seasonal fluctuations in demand.

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